"A superb collection of weird stories that leave you thinking about them, once you've put the book down. I enjoyed reading these tales very much."
Storm Constantine.

"Matt's ability to conjure a fantastic landscape and people it with interesting but strange people is unparalleled. Everyone must read this in order to realise what is possible. I should know. I first published many of these stories and have no regrets."

Paul Brazier, guest editor & designer, Interzone.

Beauty of Space (Contributor), 2009.

Excerpt viewable here.

Pluralism and the Mind, Imprint Academic, 2011.

Praise for Pluralism and the Mind

" writing of the first order."

Robert McLuhan, Paranormalia.

"This book deserves a wide readership."

Robert A. Charman,
Journal of the Society for Psychical Research.

"[Colborn's] that to one extent or another all these conflicting theories [about consciousness] must have something to offer."

"...for Colborn...pluralism is a good thing, but it must not be an unciritical pluralism that says "anything goes" but a critical pluralism: a pluralism of ideas tempered by an understanding of good and evil and a sense of the primacy of human experience."

Professor Stan V. McDaniel, Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, Sonoma State University.
Journal of Scientific Exploration.

"Pluralism and the Mind I hope will become a gem of a textbook for any student or scholar [of consciousness]."

Cal Cooper,
Australian Journal of Parapsychology.