Here are some links to causes that are important to me.

Abolishing Carbon

I'm a carbon abolitionist. Moving to a post-fossil fuel civilization should be our number one priority.


Rewilding is the restoration of ecosystems and species. It offers hope for the future of biodiversity and a future where wilderness continues to exist. I support the biologist Edward O. Wilson's call to leave half the land surface of the Earth to nature.

Rewilding Britain

Protecting the Ocean

As a scuba diver, I've witnessed the effects of environmental degradation on our oceans first hand. The ocean is a vital part of the planet's life support system, and is also in need of restoration.

Marine Conservation Society

Space Exploration

Over the last sixty years, the robotic programmes of NASA, ESA and other agencies have opened up the solar system to us. This has given us a wider sense of our place in the cosmic habitat. The search for Extraterrestrials is an important part of that exploration.

The Planetary Society

Earth and Space Foundation

The British Interplanetary Society


Mental Health
Mental illness and distress are prevalent in our society, and cause much suffering. Drugs and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (if you're lucky) are not enough: we need better and more humane treatments.


Mad in America


Human Rights

Human rights are rights, not privileges.

Amnesty International


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