I've lost out on 100 academic jobs. Is it time to give up? Academics Anonymous blog, the Guardian, June 2016

Future Studies
"Future View: How Attitudes Shape our Future," The Futurist Magazine, Jan-Feb 2007.

"Future View: Future, Fantasy and Positive Volition." The Futurist Magazine, Jan-Feb 2011.

Science Fiction/Writing 

Book Review of The Overneath by Peter S. Beagle, Strange Horizons, April, 2018.

"A Wild Tomorrow?" Milford Guest Blog, April 2018.

Book Review of 2084 edited by George Sandison, Strange Horizons, December, 2017.

Book Review of James Morrow's The Asylum of Doctor Calgari, Strange Horizons, May, 2017.

"From the Shallows to the Depths," Milford Guest Blog, February 2017.

"Vestiges of Empire (Liz Williams Interview)," Interzone 179, 2002.

Book Review of John Crowley's "Daemonomania" (Aegypt series vol. 3), Interzone 178, 2002.

Book reviews of James Blaylocks' "Thirteen Phantasms," "Dark Terrors 5," "The Time Out Book of London Short Stories Vol. 2" and Matthew Fitt's "But n Ben A Go-Go." Interzone 165, 2001.

Book reviews of Robert E. Howard's "Conan Chronicles" (Vol 1 & 2), Michael Moorcock's "Elric" and Cherith Baldry's "Exiled from Camelot." Interzone 170, 2001.

"The Poison Master" by Liz Williams Review SFX Magazine, July 2003.

"Mars -- What We Thought We Knew" Pulsar 3/4th Quarter 2008 (IAAA Newsletter).

"Have Zombie Aliens Conquered the Universe?" UKSRN Guest Blog, April 2017.

"Expansive Nature Experiences and the Mystical: A Personal View," Network Review, 2013.

Controversies in Science
"SPR’s Study Day on Skeptics," (2008).

"When is a Field Theory Not a Field Theory?" (Sheldrake's Morphic Resonance), UK Skeptic, 12, 1999.

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