Thursday, 26 October 2017

British Fantasy Society short story Competition Winner!

The wheel of fortune, for obvious reasons....
Allen Ashley of the British Fantasy Society:

"BFS Short Story Competition 2017 – Results‏
It has once again been my privilege and pleasure to judge the competition. This year I received a record-breaking crop of entries with 117 eligible stories submitted for consideration. I read every story thoroughly and silently. I read a large percentage of the stories twice, three times or more. After much deliberation, I can now announce that the three winners are:
First place: “Revive” by Richard Salazar
Second place: “Sacrament” by Charlotte Platt
Third place: “Labyrinth of the Sun” by Matt Colborn
I have also awarded a fourth place as highly commended: “The Beast” by James Ellis
The top three stories win prizes and all four of the above stories will appear in a future issue of “BFS Horizons”.
Thank you for your patience during the judging process."

This has been a very welcome announcement after a rather trying week. Not only is my car probably trashed, but I've also been laid up in bed most of the weekend with severe depression. 

I've worked many, many hours on fiction this year (and really over the last three, especially). This work has been mostly invisible from the outside in terms of publications, so it's good to finally get to that stage. For me, the essential thing is that a story or novel is published so it has an audience, which justifies, in the long run, all the effort. I do not believe that fictions are written to gather dust in the bottom of drawers....

Many thanks to all the people who've helped me on this journey, especially those in Milford 2013 who critiqued the s**t out of this story and helped me get it right....


  1. Huge congratulations, Matt, that is great, though I am sorry to hear about the other problems. I hope things improve soon, and your writing goes from strength to strength.

  2. Wonderful news, Matt. Congratulations.