Sunday, 26 June 2016

What Next?

Well, one question has been answered, narrowly, on Thursday night. I find myself full of questions.
  • If the Brexit 'out' vote was a protest against poor government and injustice, why hasn't there been more support for things like electoral reform, and concerted demands to address things like social inequality?
  • Now we have 'freedom,' what does that actually mean? Freedom for whom? What form does this freedom take? I certainly don't feel any freer today than I did on Wednesday.
  • If those who voted out hate elites and wished to topple an elitist government, why do so many seem happy to let another, probably worse, elite take over?
  • If the referendum was an example of democracy, why aren't we more worried about the undue influence of propaganda upon it? Isn't propaganda and demagogery anti-democratic?
  • What will happen if another few years roll by, there has been an erosion of workers rights, fracking has been going on a full pelt, social inequality is worse, our economy is still crap, top bosses are still walking away with huge bonuses when the rest of us are powerless and poverty stricken, and immigration has not been noticeably effected?
  • Are we really going to let xenophobic nationalism take over? Why do we find it easier to blame scapegoats for our problems as opposed to solving them?
  • Now that we have 'sovereignty' (whatever that means), what are we going to do with it?
  • Where do we go from here?

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  1. We may go backwards and we shall have no voice to what politicians decide as government any way...