Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Starman's Waiting in the Sky.

I'm what you might call rather backward, musically. I probably owe what musical tastes I have to two friends of mine (brothers) from sixth form who had a massive vinyl collection and an eclectic taste in tunes. But David Bowie was one person who didn't pass me by.

Much of the footage of Bowie has been of his glam-rock phase, or the duets with Freddie Mercury or Bill Cosby, which were probably his tamest moments. But there was another Bowie, a weirder Bowie (if that's possible) that the teenage me thought was just, well, amazing. Take the following cameo in David Lynch's Fire Walk with me:

Also see Bowie's concept Album Outside, which  I found in a second hand record shop in Brighton and which was also very weird but in some way, great. (Lynch used one of the best songs from the Album, "I'm deranged," on the soundtrack of his 1997 movie, Lost Highway). 

Someone said to me yesterday  that he liked Bowie's earlier stuff, but he was not so hot on his post-80s work. I beg to differ. What he did might not have always worked, but he could be a daring and original songwriter, right up to the end; I was delighted with the album the Next Day

I spent my free time yesterday listening to Bowie tracks and was quite surprised to see how many of his albums I had. I hadn't realised, either, what an impact he had. I'm not really a great fan of the media rhapsodizing of him (and I DON'T think his death 'was a work of art,') but I will miss him, and I'm sad he'd not around anymore, on this plane of reality, anyway....

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